Tuesday Watch List: Hey Now, You're An All Star…

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and raise your own personal debt ceiling. I could easily raise mine to $500,000. It’s like magic. LET’S GO!

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL ALL STAR GAME – 8:00PM (FOX) It’s the midsummer classic, which is always a signal to me that we are in the absolute deadest portion of the sports calendar, particularly with two leagues currently in lockout mode. So take it all in tonight, because this is pretty much all the major sports you’re going to get for a while. A great number of players have already pulled out of this game (Derek Jeter being the most prominent), but you’ll still see the likes of Roy Halladay and a few more. Former All Star John Kruk said on the radio yesterday that after going the first time to an All Star game, most major leaguers view the game as a chore and prefer to skip it any subsequent time they go. And frankly, I can’t argue with them. Traveling? Being on TV? Having kids adore you? Seems like a hassle. ANTICIPATION: MCCARVER!

ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE – 10:00PM (PBS) In the late 1970’s, Cambodian dictator Pol Pot orchestrated a mass murder campaign that left over 2 million of his own citizens dead, and many of Pol Pot’s conspirators still remain alive and flourishing in the nation decades later. Now, documentary filmmaker Thet Sambath, who lost family members to the Khmer Rouge, sits down with one of Pol Pot’s right hand men to talk about the massacre. Do not expect a happy ending. ANTICIPATION: DEVASTATION!

CHOPPED – 10:00PM (Food Network) Tonight’s showdown features four British chefs, who will no doubt be given all sorts of traditional British ingredient for their dishes, like sheep teeth and candied livers and black beef. The hallmarks of UK cuisine. ANTICIPATION: EW!

GORDON RAMSAY’S GREAT ESCAPE – 9:00PM (BBC America) Gordon jets off to Vietnam to learn master Vietnamese cuisine. And between him and Anthony Bourdain and Jamie Oliver, there’s basically an entire subset now of cooking shows in which the chef gets to travel the world on a production company’s dime and eat all sorts of good stuff. I kind of hate them all. ANTICIPATION: PHO!

CUPCAKE WARS – 10:00PM (Food Network) The bakers have to make Broadway-themed cupcakes in honor of the Tony Awards. Wait till they taste mine based on Glengarry Glen Ross. How often do you get a cupcake with a steak knife inside of it? ANTICIPATION: CAKEY!

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