Tracy Morgan Threatens to Go Back Into a Coma on ‘The Tonight Show' After Discovering How Much the World Changed

Comedian jokes with Jimmy Fallon about David Letterman, Donald Trump, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," "Rocky," "The Godfather" and more.

For Tracy Morgan, laughter is the best medicine.

During an appearance on NBC's "The Tonight Show" Monday, the comedian joked about being in a coma for eight days following his near-fatal car crash in 2014. Morgan kicked off the interview by congratulating his longtime friend Jimmy Fallon on "beating David Letterman in the ratings," only to feign surprise when he learned that the retired "Late Show" host was "not here no more."

"I liked that dude," Morgan said. "I'm going back in the coma!"

Fallon said it must be "weird" to miss things while in a coma, and Morgan agreed that "things are different" since waking up. "Donald Trump is leading in the polls," he said. "I'm going back!"

When Fallon mentioned character developments that occurred in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," Morgan perked up while discussing John Boyega's role. "Hold up! One black dude in the whole galaxy! I'm pissed off, man! That was Lando Calrissian's nephew. He pulled some strings to get him in the cadets. They got him doing that crappy job. He left a good union job as a Stormtrooper. Good union job! I tried to get him an application for sanitation," he said in mock seriousness. "I'mma tell you something, man: Chewbacca's not good, man. He's behind in his child support payments right now. Everybody knows Chewbacca's in rehab right now!"

Tracy also wanted to get a few things off his chest about the Rocky movies. "Balboa lost that second fight. Apollo Creed carried that bum for 15 rounds in two movies," he said. "Balboa lost that second fight!" Speaking of movies, he added, "I was watching a lot of TV during that whole drama, and I watched 'The Godfather' 150 times. Let me tell you something: Sonny would have lived if he'd had an EZ Pass," he noted, referring to the character's demise at a tollbooth. "He would have lived!" Morgan argued.

Later on, the 47-year-old comic also shared a story about how his 2-year-old daughter Maven Morgan helped him during his recovery. "I remember I was in that wheelchair, and she was 14 months and I had seen her take her first steps. And it inspired me to get out of the wheelchair and take my first steps," he said. He then joked that watching his little girl run down the hall in a "doo-doo Pamper" inspired him to do the same thing. "I was still pooping on myself," he said.

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Morgan, who will kick off his stand-up tour next month, said he can't wait to get back on the road. "People who are nervous can't wait for it to be over," he told Fallon. "I can't wait for it to start."

The comic wrapped up his late-night appearance by facing off against Jimmy in the recurring "Pup Quiz" segment, where they were awarded golden retriever puppies for each right answer.

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