America's 10 Favorite Dog Breeds

America’s top 10 favorite dog breeds include the pug, the Lab and the little Shih Tzu. PetBreeds, which runs a pet search engine, analyzed the country's most popular dog breeds based on average user rating and total number of reviews for each breed, filtering out doggies who had fewer than 40 reviews. Here are the results.

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Nicknamed lion dogs, Shih Tzus are known to be a friendly breed originally from China. Puppies can grow to around 16 pounds, max. It’s a bit of a high-maintenance breed, with people typically spending $264 per year on grooming for those flowing locks. Kudos to the Shih Tzu, who moved up to 10th place from 19th in 2015.
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These small dogs are alert and easy to train, according to user reviews on PetBreeds. They need regular exercise and require among the highest cost for annual health insurance, at $225. This breed, originally from Germany, also leapt to a higher rating, up from 16th place last year.
These sturdy dogs are usually good with children and very intelligent. Boxers are often used in police and military work, as well as search and rescue because of their agility, smarts and loyalty. The boxer occupied 10th place in 2015.
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Ah, the pug. America loves this low-maintenance, affectionate dog, which jumped significantly from 2015 when the breed was way down in 33rd place. The breed originates in China and is playful, stubborn and ready for love.
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Dobermans are an athletic, proud breed, according to PetBreed. They don’t get along that well with children, although they can adapt to a range of living environments. Dobies moved up from their spot at #14 in 2015.
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Frequent shedders, pit bull terriers can weigh an average of 30 to 65 pounds. Pits are known for being friendly, smart and loyal. They are good at hunting, tracking and in agility competitions.
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Although this breed dropped from its 3rd place position last year, it still holds a special place in Americans’ hearts. Goldens are easy to train, affectionate and need lots of exercise. They are strong seeing-eye and hearing dogs, as well as a good family breed.
Not to be confused with golden labs, the Labrador retriever was originally bred for going out with hunters and bringing back small birds. The Lab was bumped from its #1 place in 2015 but still occupies the respectable top three.
Rotts are great watchdogs and known for their good nature, smarts and bravery. They are the third-most expensive breed in terms of annual medical costs, at $1,186 for pet insurance because of a range of pre-existing conditions. Rotts were placed at #9 last year.
Moving up from #2 last year, the German shepherd is the top military and police breed because of its athleticism and intelligence. This breed is good with children and very loyal. It does shed a lot, but people don’t seem to mind.
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