Tony Curtis Wrote His Children Out of His Will

Shocking revelations from the late actor's will show harsh treatment of kin

Legendary actor Tony Curtis wrote his five children - including actress Jamie Lee Curtis - out of his will in the months before his death last year.

Inside Edition has the details of Curtis' will, especially the rather blunt and harsh language he used when laying out his plans for his five children:

"I acknowledge the existence of my children … and have intentionally and with full knowledge chosen not to provide for them."

Curtis instead left his entire estate to his widow and fifth wife Jill, who is not the mother of any of his children.

In the days after his death last September, Jamie Lee Curtis opened up about her relationship with her father, indicating that in recent years they had become close.

"His personal failings and public successes have been well documented, and my relationship with him, although nonexistent for much of my life, in the end was good and based on mutual respect rather than any father and daughter model," she said. "He adored his wife, and she [adored] him."

Inside Edition also claims one of the daughters (not named) allegedly contested the will in court, but was denied.

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