Selleck Stars in “Blue Bloods,” Yearns for “Three Men” Sequel

Tom Selleck might be back on primetime tonight with his eagerly awaited police drama "Blue Bloods," but that doesn't mean he cannot dream of reprising his role in his 80s classic "Three Men and a Baby."

The star spent time at last month's Emmy awards catching up with "Three Men" co-star Ted Danson, and talking about a possible follow-up to their buddy comedy which also starred Steve Guttenberg.

"Ted actually brought it up," Selleck tells PopcornBiz. "I know Disney had something in development. And he was asking me what am I hearing."

Earlier in the summer, Selleck confirmed reports that Disney was working on a sequel to the 1987 box office smash that was directed (oddly enough) by Leonard Nimoy. It was followed by the sequel in 1990 called, "Three Men and a Little Lady."

So what is the latest?

"It's still in development, but they would be crazy not to do it," says Selleck. "Our main concern is to make it a good story."

The storyline is there, with the proposed sequel being called "Three Men and a Bride," and the trio's grown-up daughter finally ready to settle down on her own. In June, Selleck told MTV that the stars had been contacted to check availability.

Selleck will be a tight squeeze in that front with "Blue Bloods" and the fact that he's continuing his popular "Jesse Stone" movie series on CBS. He insisted on keeping the popular detective series going even when taking "Blue Bloods."

"One of the prerequisites of doing 'Blue Bloods' was that I could continue doing the 'Jesse Stones,' " Selleck says. "It's well and good and continuing."

In fact, number seven in the "Stone" series, "Innocents Lost," is in the can. And he believes he'll shoot number eight when "Blue Bloods" wraps.

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