Toddler Lost After Falling Into Tijuana Drain

The child had still not been found as of Monday evening.

Efforts were still being made Monday to save a two-year-old boy who fell down a black water drain in Tijuana Sunday afternoon.

According to Tijuana Fire Department Director Carlos Gopar Uribe, a call came in just after 1 p.m. Sunday that a child had fallen into the drain and needed emergency help.

The boy's mother said he was playing near the drain when he fell in, Uribe said. She apparently tried to save him, but was unsuccessful.

Using video cameras and fire crews, they attempted to go into the drain to save the boy. Uribe said the crews worked overnight and into Monday, but still had not found the toddler.

In a last ditch effort, they were going to try to destroy the tube for better access, he said.

This is a developing story. Check back here for updates.

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