“Hangover” Director Seeks Hard Partiers For Next Flick

More details about "The Hangover" director Todd Phillips' secret hard-R comedy, starring a host of nobodies, are starting to come out -- and it all sounds a little strange.

Phillips is teaming up with Joel Silver to produce a film to be directed by music video maestro Nima Nourizadeh that will essentially be about a raging party. The film will be "shot in cinema-vérité style, where the audience will experience the party only through the first-person observer view of the camera, so essentially, we will be at the party too," an insider told First Showing.

Phillips himself has (mercifully) squashed rumors that the film will be presented in 3D.

And if you think you've got what it takes to party yourself blind on film, there's an open casting call looking for U.S. citizens of all ethnicities and both genders to send in three-minute audition tapes.

Even if this film is a flop, the audition tapes will no doubt be a font of hilarity in the near term and of wildly embarrassing moments for the inevitable future star who makes a submission.

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