TLC Honcho Can Dream About a Palin-Gosselin Pairing

TLC boss Eileen O'Neill has her hands full this year with a full slate of shows including Kate Gosselin's "Twist of Kate" and Sarah Palin's reality show -- but she still has time to dream.

PopcornBiz asked if we could ever see the powerhouses together on the same show.

"That's a good question," O'Neill told us. "I'll have to think about that. You'll have me dreaming now."

In the meantime, advertisers and press received got a view of Sarah Palin's on-camera skills, but not much in the way of content last week during a brief presentation about the show. O'Neill explained that the makers of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" have not started shooting.

"I think she's a little busy," O'Neill says of the former governor. "We haven't gotten into production yet."

Not that it's the former governor holding it up.

"We're waiting for the warmer weather up there," she says. "It's going to get going in the next month or two."

As far as topics for the show, O'Neill says the TLC crew is in intense (and secretive) research and development. "I'm heavily involved," she says. "We're very focused on it. This is a huge opportunity."

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