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Watch: NYPD Cop on Horseback Chases Down Armed Sunglass Thief in Times Square

And his body camera captures it all


An NYPD officer on horseback chased down a sunglass thief in Times Square over the weekend, a rare and strange sight that, to all of our benefits, was captured on the cop's body camera.

It all started when a 60-year-old vendor near West 40th Street and Seventh Avenue told the cop on horseback that seven pairs of sunglasses had been stolen around 6:45 p.m. Saturday. The victim confronted the 34-year-old suspect, who showed a piece of broken glass and swung it in his direction in a threatening manner, police said in sharing the narrative Tuesday.

The suspect ran away from that area. The NYPD body cam footage picks up with the officer speaking to him. He's wearing a black sweatshirt and red backpack. There's no audio so it's not clear what's conveyed.

We quickly get a good idea, because the man in the sweatshirt turns around and starts to run away from the cop.

The officer gives chase, galloping over sewer grates and then down the street the wrong way as cars sit, stopped.

The mayhem continues, but as in some cases, this one's really better if you see it yourself. Watch it above.

Oh, and yes, the suspect was arrested. Other officers assisted and he was taken into custody on charges including robbery, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell commended the arrest in a tweet, saying "There was no chance this robbery suspect could out run our 10-foot cop riding Samson!"

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