Time to Spring Forward for Daylight Saving, Set Clocks Forward for Sunday

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It's time to "spring forward" Sunday for the annual ritual of re-setting our clocks for Daylight Saving Time.

While we're losing an hour of sleep beginning on March 10 at 2 a.m., we gain an extra hour of daylight. Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands do not participate in DST.

While some may be thrilled for the extra hour of sunlight, others call DST "archaic" and think the practice should be eliminated. A petition now circulating on the White House "We the People" crowdsourcing website asks the government to do away with DST.

"The original reasons for the policies are no longer applicable, and the most cited reason for keeping DST (energy savings) has never been shown to be true," the petition reads. "Some industries still like DST (like sporting equipment retailers), but there are many more who dislike the changed hours (like television)."

The petition was created on March 5 and had 7,611 signatures as of Friday afternoon.

Daylight savings last until Nov. 3 when clocks "fall" back for the fall season.

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