Tidbits: Michael Lohan’s Fiancee Says he Kicked Her

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When Michael Lohan flew to Los Angeles this week to take part in the media blitz surrounding his estranged and now incarcerated daughter, Lindsay, he left his own scandal behind in the Hamptons.

According to TMZ, former Star magazine reporter and one-time Jon Gosselin gal pal Kate Major, better known now as Michael Lohan’s fiancée, filed a report with the Southampton Town Police Department claiming that Lohan shoved her and kicked her in the face during an argument Monday afternoon.

Major allegedly possesses photographic evidence and hospital records supporting her side of the story, but Lohan told TMZ the incident was no more than an argument. As for what started the he-said she-said altercation, LiLo’s dad said it all revolved around “Celebrity House,” the reality TV show he and Major planned to begin filming next month.

But in a statement to RadarOnline, Lohan went one step farther. He not only once again cleared his own name but also accused Major of wrongdoing.

“I just don’t know what she is talking about,” Lohan insisted. “I tried to speak with Kate this morning because I found out Kate drained one of our bank accounts and now she won’t call me back.”

Not that a little thing like that or reality TV or even a police report could come between the couple for long. Despite all the drama, the wedding is on.

That’s right, when asked about the big day, Lohan responded, “Why wouldn’t it still be on?”

‘Twilight’ stress is ‘killing’ Kristen Stewart
Persistent paparazzi might make fame tougher than ever for up-and-coming stars, but the woes of celebrity seems to hit “Twilight Saga” actress Kristen Stewart harder than most, if her recent interviews are any indication.

From the feeling of being violated by the pros with flashbulbs to the fear of killers hiding out in the crowds, Stewart hasn’t exactly kept her fame-related phobias a secret.

Now a report in Heat magazine reveals the fame complaints are the same behind the scenes with the star.

“Her family is worried,” an insider explained. “She’s told them it's killing her.”

The source said Stewart finds it difficult to even eat due to ongoing stress she suffers from all of the expectations put upon her, such as talking about herself in interviews.

Dish on the fly
In other “Twilight” news, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is suddenly a big Team Edward supporter after the man who plays Jacob snubbed her. During a recent visit to “The Wendy Williams Show,” Love Hewitt recalled meeting Taylor Lautner at the “Eclipse” premiere. She asked for a photo with actor, and while Lautner agree to pose, he looked none too happy about it in the final shot. “I get home (and look at the photo) and I’m like, ‘Really? I’m that bad?’ ” she said of the look on Lautner’s face. “He’s definitely not Team Jennifer — let me tell you that much — because he could not have looked more miserable.” … Those predicting doom for “The Office” once star Steve Carell leaves are ignoring everything else that makes it a prime-time hit, according to Carell. “The show's going to be great,” he told Parade magazine. “The show has been very consistent and I'm just one part of this ensemble. The show is so strong and has such good writers; it will continue to be great. So the show's not going anywhere.”

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