Tidbits: Lohan Lashes Out at Dad: “I Hate Him So Much”

Lohan follows in father's footsteps and takes complaints to a gossip Web site

While Michael Lohan continues to release new recordings from his personal stash of family phone calls on Radar Online, daughter Lindsay Lohan has found a way to let him know just what she thinks about him without even dialing his digits. She simply followed her father’s footsteps and took her troubles to a gossip site.

“I hate him so much,” the 23-year-old actress ranted to Gossip Cop. “My father knows nothing other than how to sell stories for money instead of getting a real job like normal people do, including myself.”

LiLo’s current “real job” status might be up for debate, but she’s certainly not alone in lashing out at Dad. Seems unwitting phone star Dina Lohan, Lindsay's mom, whose tell-all talks with her ex-husband make up most of his taped material, is equally angry.

“The tapes were from a long time ago, and for a father to stoop this low is unforgivable,” Dina Lohan told E! News. “My ex-husband has been in and out of jail for 10 years. My children and I gave him a chance to get to know them again, and he clearly blew that chance!”

Voight and Jolie give reconciliation a try
In far better daddy-daughter news, one long-standing feud may be coming to an end. A report in Us Weekly revealed reconciliation is in the works for Angelina Jolie and her previously estranged father, Jon Voight.

“We're in touch, but not regularly,” the 70-year-old actor explained. “We love each other and that's the most important thing."

Though Jolie and Voight made past attempts to reunite throughout their long-standing rift, the actress has had little to say to her father since he spoke to the press about her “serious mental problems” in 2002. That makes the peacemaking party in this latest reunion all the more surprising.

“Angie made the initial contact,” an insider told the magazine.

Dish on the fly
Those responsible for the early Oscar buzz surrounding Sandra Bullock’s performance as unexpected mother figure to football phenom Michael Oher in “The Blind Side” can give the award whispers a rest as far as the actress is concerned. “People who do what I do don't do award-winning films,” the rom-com regular told Entertainment Weekly. “Which is kind of a relief because you don't have to go to that next step when it comes to that award seasons thing. I'd rather be home, put on the jeans, go outside, pick up dog poop, or go for a run or something.” … When Nicolas Cage starred in 1999’s “Bringing Out the Dead,” the ghostly on-screen meetings weren’t nearly as creepy as one off-screen close encounter. "I guess it would fall into the stalker category more or less,” the actor explained in an interview with Parade magazine. “I was being stalked by a mime — silent but maybe deadly. … I have no idea how it got past security. Finally, the producers took some action and I haven't seen the mime since. But it was definitely unsettling.”

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