Tidbits: Jon's Ex-gal Says he Blackmailed Kate

Just when it seemed like the messy Gosselin vs. Gosselin headlines were gone for good, they’re back, thanks to one-time Jon Gosselin gal pal Hailey Glassman.

According to the reality TV dad’s ex-girlfriend, the public he-said, she-said between Jon and Kate was nothing compared to what went on behind the media mess, which allegedly included accusations of abuse and even blackmail. Glassman told Radar Online her former flame was the one responsible for those low blows.

It’s a claim Jon Gosselin denies.

“We were in bed and Jon called Kate on speaker phone,” Glassman recalled. “He wrote down what he wanted to say to her and then he read from his notes. He told her, ‘You either give me money, or I'm going to call (Child Protective Services).’ ”

The supposed CPS threat related to an injury to daughter Mady’s arm, but Glassman didn’t seem to sense any parental concern from her man.

“Kate started screaming and Jon just started laughing,” the 23-year-old explained. “He just laughed at her. Later when he got off the phone, I asked him, ‘What are you doing? Why are you doing this? This is the mother of your eight children!’ And he told me, ‘Oh, you don't know what I went through with her, what I had to deal with.’ ”

Shortly after Glassman’s allegations were published, Jon Gosselin took to his Twitter account to set the record straight.

“Radar Online has been duped again by Hailey Glassman, who is apparently without a job and desperate for money,” the father of multiples responded. “This article contains so many lies, they are too numerous to count. It is completely false and without any merit.”

Not so, said Glassman, who provided Radar Online with the handwritten phone call crib sheet in question.

“Look, the documents and the evidence speak for itself,” Glassman added.

Tim Gunn has no regrets about bashing his fashion foes
In Tim Gunn’s upcoming tome, “Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work,” the fashion guru holds nothing back when it comes to the topic of his industry foes. And if his recent comments to the New York Daily News are any indication, Gunn has no regrets.

Take, for instance, Gunn’s indictment of one designer he particularly dislikes.

“Don't even get me started on Isaac Mizrahi,” Gunn wrote in a “Golden Rules” excerpt published in Marie Claire. “In my view, he's one of the world's biggest divas. One time, I saw Isaac throw a fit about a security guard from the second-floor showroom at Liz Claiborne Inc.'s Times Square offices. Why, you may ask? Was the guard stealing? Harassing guests? Showing up late? No, he was wearing brown. Can you imagine having your senses so offended by a color that it provokes such an extreme reaction?”

When reflecting on that sentiment, the “Project Runway” mentor made it clear — he meant every word it.

“Oh, please, I was so kind to him,” Gunn told the Daily News. “I mean, I wouldn’t have the words to describe some of the more abhorrent behavior. He really is a terrible, terrible, terrible person.”

Dish on the fly
Bring on the sequins. When David Hasselhoff debuts his best moves on “Dancing With the Stars,” he’ll wear the over-the-top costumes — with just one caveat: “You won't see me in Spandex because it reveals too much of The Hoff,” the former “Baywatch” star told the U.K. Press Association. … While Jenny McCarthy has moved on (and moved in) since her split with actor Jim Carrey, the National Enquirer reports the same can’t be said for Carrey. “Jim isn’t himself these days — and he hasn’t been ever since he and Jenny split,” a friend of the funnyman told the magazine. “But finding out she has already moved in with a guy has just sent him reeling.” … Move over, Kanye West! Someone else is ready to take over the Taylor Swift hot seat. Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson recently slammed the country-pop crossover sensation in an interview with Nylon Guys magazine. “I find it embarrassing that adults are like, ‘Taylor Swift is very talented.’ She's not,” Robinson insisted. “She might be cute, but she’s horrible.”

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