Thursday Watch List: More Katy Perry For Your Money

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and string tinsel around the tree. Does anyone actually use tinsel anymore? The strands go everywhere. It’s like the glitter of holiday decorations. LET’S GO!

Z100’S JINGLE BALL 2010 LIVE FROM MADISON SQUARE GARDEN – 9:00PM (Fuse) If you like music industry award shows but don’t like bothering with all the pesky award parts, then I suggest you tune into the New York radio station’s annual holiday bash, featuring Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Paramore, and a slew of other big names. It’s all killer, no filler. Except for the Paramore part. They’re kinda filler. ANTICIPATION: HEFTY!

LA GANG WARS: THE PEACEMAKER – 10:00PM (A&E) It’s a surprisingly barren evening for television, unless you feel like tuning into to A&E new series profiling Malik Spellman, who is a professional gang mediator. That’s his actual job. So the next time you complain about having to make copies for the bossman, just remember: It could be worse. You could be a freakin’ professional gang mediator. Man, that sounds hard. That’s like being a professor toothpaste tube restuffer. Anyway, Malik’s job is to settle beefs between warring gangs in South Central Los Angeles. Tonight, a gang member’s pregnant girl is murdered, and Malik must ease tensions arising from the tragedy. Like I said, hard job. He doesn’t get a lot of free time to play Minesweeper. ANTICIPATION: INTENSE!

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA – 10:00PM (FX) It’s the season finale and a holiday special all in one! BOOSH! This special hour-long episode promises naked elves and a “bloody encounter” with Santa. Someone watched “Silent Night Deadly Night 2” a few too many times as a small child. ANTICIPATION: HIGH!

TOTAL RECALL – 9:00PM (SyFy – an NBC/Universal Network) Cuh mon, Cohaagen! You got whut you want GIVE THOSE PEOPLE DEE AY-UHHHHHH!!! ANTICIPATION: GET READY FOR A SURPRISE!

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS – 10:00PM (Bravo - an NBC/Universal Network) Camille hosts a dinner party and you’ll be shocked to learn that it does not go swimmingly. Claws are bared. Accusations are made. Bitchiness ensues. This is why I never throw dinner parties. ANTICIPATION: RAWR!

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