Thursday Watch List: Futurama Returns!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and replay that video of Landon Donovan sending those Algerians to their doom. YEEHAW!!! WE RULE! USA USA USA! NO ONE OUTKICKS US! LET’S GO!

FUTURAMA – 10:00PM (Comedy Central) Well, well. Look at what’s resurfaced after a whopping SEVEN years away on hiatus. That’s right, gang. Matt Groening’s sci-fi followup to The Simpsons is BACK with all new episodes for the first time since 2003. By comparison, “Family Guy,” the classic example of a show being resurrected thanks to delayed fan support, was away for only three years before coming back to air. It’s pretty amazing that “Futurama” can resurface after being gone for that long.

Anyway, I’ve been a “Simpsons” nut my whole life (first six or eight seasons only), and I’m guilty of always judging this show in comparison to its incomparable predecessor, which is grossly unfair. “Futurama” deserves to be considered on its own terms, and any show with a drunken robot and a pantless space captain really does deserve your time. So tune in, before it gets sent into the great beyond once more. ANTICIPATION: GREAT NEWS EVERYONE!

ROOKIE BLUE – 9:00PM (ABC) Out of all the major networks, it appears that ABC is the only channel striving to bring you new content this June. And for that, they are to be commended. No CSI reruns for them! Instead, it’s this show about n00bie cops. I don’t know how it will top “Southland,” which had a similar premise. But whatever. It’s cops and guns. You have nothing better to do. I’m told Dennis Franz’ butt makes a cameo. ANTICIPATION: BLUE!

BOSTON MED – 10:00PM (ABC) Another ABC premiere. This one is a reality show based in a legit hospital. It’s from the people who brought you “Hopkins,” a similar hospital reality show. All signs point to this one being similarly high in quality. But will it have doctors hooking up in the supply closet? Because I don’t mind when Kate Walsh engages in such shenanigans. ANTICIPATION: STAT!

RAISING SEXTUPLETS – 10:00PM (WE) Yep, it’s precisely what it says it is: a family raising a large brood of kids, only without the acrimony of the Gosselins or the creepiness of the Duggars. Tonight, the clan goes to New York City. I took my kids to New York once. I have two. One night in a single hotel room with them induced psychosis in me. I do not suggest you replicate the idea. ANTICIPATION: CRYING!

THE OCD PROJECT – 10:00PM (VH1) Tonight, the obsessives are brought to an abandoned hospital. Because nothing will cure your demons like juggling used syringes. ANTICIPATION: NEUROTIC!

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