Sandra Bullock Banks $56M to Lead Hollywood

It takes a little remembering what a great run Sandra Bullock was having before her husband turned things very, very wrong with his infidelity scandal

Forbes just sent out 56 million reasons why Bullock is a major force in Hollywood at age 46. The business website claims Bullock took in $56 million earned between June 2009 and June 2010. That's tops among leading ladies by a long-shot.

First there was "The Proposal," which grossed $320 million after costing only $40 million to make. Five months later, "The Blind Side" came out. Bullock cut her usual fee to star in the movie, but brilliantly agreed to take a share of the film's profits on the back end. Then the film became the sweetheart story of the movie year, earning $310 million at the box office -- and Bullock her first Oscar.

You can't make it any more clear than Forbes states; "Bullock had one hell of a year." Reese Witherspoon was number two on the list with $32 million.

Bullock hit the emotional bump in the road shortly after the Oscar success. But she'll be back for sure. She even has the common sense to work with Reynolds again in "Most Wanted." Even though Disney passed on "The Proposal" sequel, the great chemistry the two actors showed will surely be a huge draw.

It would be a longshot for Bullock to be tops on this list again. But never count her out.

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