Kelly Osbourne to Collaborate On a Fashion Line, Then Launch Her Own

Rockstar spawn and reality TV starlet Kelly Osbourne revealed she'd be collaborating on a fashion collection before creating her own line.

Osbourne told Hollywood Life she would be working with "an already made line" (Roberto CavalliForever 21?) to gain experience in designing clothing, so that she could ultimately launch one independently. In an age of celebrity-designed clothing lines that also happens to be an age of very loosely-defined celebrities, it's common to see tabloid fixtures co-branding themselves with labels simply because they happen to have been photographed wearing a few items.

In a way, it's refreshing to hear of Osbourne's thoughtful, two-pronged plan. Such celebs-turned-designers often proclaim their hands-on involvement in their namesake lines, and whether that's always true is anyone's guess. Osbourne, on the other hand, is taking a show-don't-tell approach that we kind of dig—one just hopes her secrecy it isn't merely a stunt for publicity's sake.

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