Thomas Jane Yearns To Be One of “The Walking Dead”

Thomas Jane might have a pretty decent gig on HBO's hit "Hung," but that doesn't mean he doesn't yearn for a little of undead action on the side.

Jane tells PopcornBIz that he's angling for a spot on AMC's "The Walking Dead" in whatever capacity.

"That show is going to be a a big f----- hit," he told us at the HBO post-Emmy party.  "I've seen it and is fan-f---- tactic."

Jane spent his Emmy night at dinner with "Walking Dead" director Frank Darabont, hatching out a plan to get on the show which begins airing on Oct. 31. If you haven't heard the "Walking Dead" hype, you soon will. The story of life after a zombie apocalypse is going to be a monster success.

"I'm going to come on and do a guest thing," he says. "Maybe play a bad guy."

Jane explains that he was originally supposed to star in the television series when it was destined to be on HBO. He ended up going with "Hung" and "The Walking Dead" went to AMC.

Jane says he'll insist on being human in the guest role, however. He'll slay the undead, but he won't play one.

"I'm not going to be a zombie," he says. "That's too much make up."

As if getting into character for the part, Jane was barefoot at the HBO party, making for an extremely odd site. But he admits the look will help him in the television role.

"I'm going to be barefoot on the 'Walking Dead,' " he says. We can't wait.

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