The Movie World Already Bracing for “Breaking Dawn” Birth Scene

The talking is over. "Breaking Dawn" filmmakers are finally being forced to come to grips with actually putting the extremely graphic and potentially controversial Bella birth scene into the next movie.

From the sounds of it, I'll be pacing around the lobby like an expectant Dad until they cut the cord onscreen. And I don't think I'll be alone.

"Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg told MTV that she and director Bill Condon are continually revising the scene. And the specifics have not been solidified yet.

But she promises it will be "visceral."

"I want have the experience of the fear and feel her pain," said Rosenberg of Kristen Stewart's Bella. "I want to feel everyone's pain on this."

Okay, thanks. That means I'll head to the lobby at the first vampire baby contraction. On the plus side, Rosenberg pointed out that the scene where Edward (Robert Pattinson) gives Bella what can best be described as a "vampire caesarian" will probably not be in the film.

"Do I want to see teeth in the placenta?" No," she said. "Someone else may."

Even beyond the physical toughness of the scene, there is also the moment where Jacob (Taylor Lautner) imprints with Bella's newborn child. This "spiritual experience" leads to the child becoming the soulmate to the clearly much older Jacob.

"One must be very careful with that," Rosenberg said. "But hopefully you've taken this ride with Jacob in all four movies."

She added that hopefully it will not be "something that makes one uncomfortable."

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