“The Hangover II” Is Exactly What You'd Expect, and We're Totally Cool With That

As day follows night, so the trailer comes hot on the heels of the poster.

The trailer for "The Hangover II" arrived under cover of night, with Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms all in mid-season form. And once again, poor Justin Bartha is on the sidelines.

The story is exactly the same as in the original, a group of guys get together for a wedding only to have things go wildly pear-shaped just before the blessed event. Only this time it's not the groom who's gone missing, but the bride's little brother, and instead of Vegas they're in Thailand (pronounced, at least according to Galifianakis' Alan, "Thigh-land").

And the humor is essentially the same, as well, which is fine as far as we're concerned. If director Todd Phillips can keep cranking one of these out every two years and keep them consistently funny, we will consistently line up to watch.

"The Hangover II" opens May 26.

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