The Craziest Food Heists

Honey, nuts and cheese top the list of the most expensive — and delicious — food heists.

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File Photo - Suspects broke into a booth at the Skowhegan State Fair in Maine and stole about 120 whoopie pies and emptied a refrigerator full of cookies. The theft, discovered on June 9, 2019, is estimated to be worth about $1,000.
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A group of thieves stole two trailers filled with Nabisco cookies and crackers worth $60,000 from a Florida warehouse on Nov. 24, 2016.
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Over the course of six weeks, one man has allegedly stolen some 35 boxes of provolone cheese from Do Drop Inn Pizza in southern Colorado. Find out more about the provolone pilferer here
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Suspects stole a trailer with about $70,000 worth of cheese in it from a trucking company in Wisconsin. Read more about the cheesy heist here.
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A truck trailer loaded with sausage was stolen from a Michigan truck stop after the driver parked the refrigerated 53-foot trailer Tuesday night and left for the evening. She returned Wednesday and reported it stolen.
Two men were charged with stealing a trailer packed with $18,000 worth of cookies and crackers from a Pepperidge Farm distribution center, NBC DFW reported. Austin police stopped the truck on Jan. 3, 2015 for a turn signal traffic violation when they discovered that the treats-packed vehicle was stolen.
Police in Norwich, Vermont, are investigating the theft of 70 pounds of organic broccoli from right out of a farm field. Killdeer Farm told New England Cable News the 70 pounds of broccoli crowns would be worth $200 or more wholesale, or $300 retail at their farm stand in Norwich. Click through to see more crazy food heists.
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A New York supermarket employee was accused of stealing $1,200 worth of meat from the A&P in Croton-on-Hudson. He was charged with fourth degree grand larceny and sent to the Westchester County Jail. Read more about the heist here.
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Deputies in Florida say an 81-year-old man picked thousands of tangerines — 11 truckloads worth — and then sold the stolen bounty at a nearby market. Herman Southall was charged with 11 counts of transporting citrus without a certificate, grand theft of more than 2,000 pieces of citrus and trespassing.
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File Photo. Members of a church in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, said a thief stole 500 pounds of squash they had grown to donate to the needy.
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Thieves picked and stole 10 rows of corn from a Connecticut farm — and now the farm wants customers to be their eyes and, ahem, ears when it comes to reporting any suspicious activity.
Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers
Authorities are looking for a group of underwear-clad burglars who broke into a southwest Florida restaurant and stripped down to their birthday suits before stealing hamburgers and peppers. Detectives say the men broke into Doc's Beach House at 27908 Hickory Road in Bonita Springs on Sunday wearing nothing but their underwear. Read more here.
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File photo. Authorities are looking for a pair of thieves who stole more an $6,400 worth of seafood from a Miami area restaurant. Read the story here.
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A man being dubbed "The Bread Bandit" is stealing bread deliveries from New Jersey restaurants, costing the owners a lot of "dough." One restaurant owner is offering a $200 gift certificate to anyone who can provide a tip that leads to his capture. Read the story here.
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A truck containing 180,000 eggs was stolen from behind a southwest Florida convenience store. After leaving the truck behind a 7-Eleven store at 10 a.m. March 30, the driver said that when he returned at 11:30 p.m. that day the truck and the 180,000 eggs inside were gone.
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Thieves stole more than $500,000 worth of cognac in Rosedale, Md., earlier this month, according to Baltimore County police. Shortly before 5 a.m. March 16, thieves broke into a fenced-in parking area, hooked a truck up to a cargo container carrying 2,142 bottles of Hennessy worth $514,000 and cut the lock to a gate to leave the area.
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Police recovered more than 2,500 bottles of wine stolen from a South Seattle wine shop last month, and they're probing a possible connection to an earlier heist in San Francisco. The stolen wine, valued at $648,000, was found Tuesday at a storage facility less than a mile from the wine shop, police said. Click to read more.
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Whiskey Tears: More than $25,000 worth of rare 20-year aged bourbon whiskey was stolen from a Kentucky distillery, NBC News reported. In what's believed to be an inside job, about 230 bottles of two varieties of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon — one that retails for more than $200, if you can find it — were taken from Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfort, Ky.
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Caffeine Fix: $500,000 worth of Red Bull energy drinks were stolen from a South Florida warehouse over Veteran's Day weekend, NBC Miami reported. The thieves apparently had keys to the warehouse and used four forklifts to move more than 100 pallets of Red Bull.
Meat Lover:A screen show of the surveillance video that captured a man stealing nearly 400 pounds of meat from a restaurant in Chicago. The heist happened around 2 a.m. Sept. 16 in the basement of JK Kabab House in the city's North Side, NBC Chicago reported. Surveillance video from the alley shows the suspect unsuccessfully trying to haul the food away on a bike. He then finds a shopping cart and takes off with the cargo in tow.
Bean Thief: Someone had a hankering for baked beans: a thief in Worcestershire, England, cut a hole into a truck while the driver was asleep and stole 6,400 cans of Heinz baked beans with sausages inside.
Boosted Energy Drinks: Dallas police are on the lookout for a thieving semi driver that made off with a 7-UP trailer containing $50,000 worth of energy drinks. Find out more here.
Pumpkin Pickers: Some enterprising thieves made off with 600 pumpkins from a Long Island, NY farm recently. The owner of Rottkamp's Fox Hollow Farm said the heavy haul was worth $4200.
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Running Dry: A California man was convicted and sentenced to six years in state prison for stealing $2.7 million worth of wine from his clients’ storage lockers. And in another case, a Miami man was accused of stealing $500,000-worth of imported wine, according to Sun Sentinel. The man hijacked a 53-foot semitrailer that had a GPS-unit, which help police track the thief. The bandit now faces a charge of first-degree felony grand theft for the wine that led him to the cell. In
Got Beef? The United States Attorney's Office says Artak Medjbarian, 33, conspired with others in January 2012 to steal $163,000 worth of beef by pretending to be freight haulers from an Arizona trucking company that had been given the job of transporting the meat from Nebraska to California, NBC Los Angeles reported. Medjbarian is facing up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to the theft scam.
Chips, Dip & Videotape: Dallas police are hunting for a thief who took off with a Frito-Lay delivery driver's truck — plus $2,000 worth of chips and dip inside. The driver, who had left his truck running while he made a delivery to a convenience story, said he watched the heist afterward on surveillance footage, NBC DFW reported.
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Soda Snatcher: For some thieves, It's not enough to steal money. A 43-year-old man broke into a Chinese restaurant through a bathroom window, took the cash and 40 cans of soda in Massapequa, N.Y., reported NBC New York. DNA linked police to the burglar at Song Cuisine restaurant.
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Stolen Syrup: In Quebec, three people stole 10 million pounds of maple syrup from a Canadian maple syrup cartel, according to The New York Times. Thieves lifted syrup over the course of the year by replacing the missing syrup with water. Who knew that the sweet liquid poured over pancakes was such a hot commodity?
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Nuts for Walnuts: Last October, a man went nuts for walnuts. A bandit posed as an employee for a trucking company to rob a total of 100,000 pounds of walnuts on their way to Miami and Texas, according to NBC DFW.
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Sweet Spoils: A sticky-fingered thief wanted more than his share of sweets. Robbers stole almost 8,000 pounds of honey, expensive equipment, bees and 100 hive frames, valued at $100,000, according to the Globe and Mail. "I would be more inclined to suggest that they're not looking to, pardon the pun, liquidate the honey immediate," said police.
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The Whisky Thief: A man in Pittsburgh stole and drank $100,000-worth of whiskey. The suspect, a live-in caretaker at a mansion, tried to cover up his crime by saying that the alcohol simply "evaporated," NBC Philadelphia reports.
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Watermelon Whodunits: Two men from Oregon supported their methamphetamine addiction by selling watermelon to small local grocers, reported Oregon Live. They stole five tons of watermelon left outside a supermarket by moving 17 pallets of the fruit in the early morning of June 7, 2013.
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Steak out: Holy cow! A man in Little Rock, Ark. drove off in a GMC pickup truck with $2,478.57-worth of ribeye steaks from a local grocery store on July 2, 2013, reported Hot Springs Daily. Officials found and arrested the man thanks to the grocery store manager who was able to provide a description of the getaway ride.
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Beer Belly: In Limerick, Ireland, a 35 year-old man stole three barrels of Heineken beer and planned to slurp all the beer by himself, according to Limerick Leader. The three barrels of beer were never found according to reports from the Newcastle West court.
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What A Pear: Two men from Vineland, New Jersey attempted to steal more than $4,000-worth of fruit last month, reported South Jersey Times. The bandits loaded 64 cases of apples and 56 cases of pears into a trailer, said the owner of the pilfered produce.
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Lobster Lifter: The penny pinching lobster snatcher has finally been caught. Since February of last year, a man in Massachusetts has been stealing bags of frozen seafood, particularly cans of lobster meat, reported Newburyport News. The man was spotted carrying cans of the crustaceans in his jacket and leaving a Stop & Shop without paying.
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Truffle Heist: White truffles are not your ordinary fungi. In 2007, thieves posed as police officers robbed an Italian man of his fungi, according to The Guardian. The stolen 400 grams of white truffles were worth $2,800, according to reports. Some higher quality white aromatic tubers were selling for almost half the price of gold that year.
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A former dietary manager at a state juvenile justice facility has been sentenced to a year in jail for stealing tons of seafood and selling it to restaurants. Forty-two-year-old Douglas Allen Fairfax of Hagerstown was also ordered to pay restitution for the state at sentencing Wednesday in Frederick County Circuit Court. The News-Post of Frederick reports that Fairfax was charged in April with stealing more than $90,000 from the Department of Juvenile Services' Victor Cullen Center in Sabillasville.
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