Texas Connects Us: 105-Year-Old Fan Tosses Rangers' First Pitch

At 105 years young, Elizabeth Sullivan threw out the first pitch at the Texas Rangers game Wednesday

Every day is a big day when you're 105 years old.

"Yes, I'm ready, " joked Elizabeth Sullivan.

Sullivan was born in 1911. William Howard Taft was president back then.

"Do you think you can live that long?" Sullivan asked.

The former math teacher just keeps adding up the years.

"I still have my brains and not many people at 105 can talk sensibly or remember anything," she said. "I still don't take any medication and they still can't find anything wrong with me."

So what's the secret?

"I hate to tell you," Sullivan laughed. "I think it's because I drink three Dr Peppers a day. Everybody said it would kill me, but they die and I don't."

She's also a big Texas Rangers fan. So imagine the excitement when the Rangers asked Sullivan to throw out the first pitch before Wednesday's game.

"They want me to throw overhand and I haven't tossed a ball in 50 years," she said. "Why would anybody be nervous, if they've lived 105 years? I may have been nervous teaching my first day of math but I'm sure not nervous today."

And with her friends, grandchildren and great-grandchildren watching, she did it, to the roaring cheers of Globe Life Park.

"I've had a happy life, " Sullivan added. 

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