Bristol Palin A Fan of “16 and Pregnant”

As one who was 17 and pregnant, Bristol Palin has expressed her support for the gritty MTV show "16 and Pregnant."

"I hope other young girls and even young guys should know that having a child is not glamorous at all," Palin told

The MTV documentary follows expectant teenage mothers as they try to live with the consequences of early pregnancy. It's not pretty, and unlike other shows, does not "glamorize sex,"  Palin said.

"They make it seem like there are no consequences to it.  But there are tremendous consequences," she added.  "'16 and Pregnant' shows that."

The daughter of Sarah Palin has just completed an anti-teen pregancy PSA. She perked up when she talked about her latest mommy highlight with son Tripp, his first giggle.

"That was the biggest moment to me. It made me feel totally like a mom," she said. "I was so proud of something like that."

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