Teen Hits Game-Winning Shot 9 Days After Getting Shot

Orr Academy's Tyquone Greer hit a game-winning three-point shot for his Spartans basketball team Tuesday night against North Chicago

A Chicago teenager has gone from crime victim to high school hoops hero in just over a week.

Orr Academy's Tyquone Greer was shot in the calf nine days ago when someone opened fire at a party he attended.

"When I heard he had a gun, I got down on the ground and I just heard shots rang out -- multiple shots. My leg started to feel funny after that, and once I got up, that's when I knew I got shot," Greer said.

Greer says the first thing he thought about after he was shot, was basketball. And somehow, he managed to recuperate in time to hit a game-winning three-point shot for his Spartans basketball team Tuesday night against North Chicago, punching a ticket to the state basketball tournament for the second year in a row.

"I'm feeling great," Greer told NBC 5 at practice Wednesday. "We're going back downstate again, and I was able to make the game-winning shot to get my team down there."

Greer says he knew he wouldn't be 100 percent for the game, but he wanted to give his all for the team. In fact, he only played sporadically during the game, but his coach, Louis Adams, put him in when it counted.

"During the game he just kept dragging my arm and pulling me saying, 'Coach put me in, put me in coach.' I tried him one time, he looked OK. The second time was a charm, he did good," Adams said.

Greer took it easy at practice Wednesday, and received some special attention from the team doctor. His personal doctor has given him the green light to play in the state tournament.

"She said everything from here on out is mental. By the bullet missing all of my main arteries and stuff like that, by going through and through, she said play if I want to, but just know my limits. When I heard that, it was a go for me," Greer said.

"I wasn't 100 percent, but I really wanted to be on floor with my team, because everything right now is bigger than me. It's all about my team right now, and winning because we worked so hard for this," Greer said.

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