Target Under Fire for Altered ‘Star Wars' T-Shirt

If there's one thing you know for sure about "Star Wars" fans it's that you don't mess with them when it comes to the film franchise, but Target did just that and now they've created quite the mess to clean up for themselves.

Outrage ensued after a T-shirt found on their website was being sold in which the stores took it upon themselves to re-write an iconic scene from the series by swapping out Princess Leia for Luke Skywalker.

In the original scene from the 1977 movie “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,” Darth Vader famously interrogates Princess Leia, which is one of the franchise’s most pivotal plotlines. But Target took the frame and completely replaced her character with the male counterpart.

"The only part of this scene that you got right, was Darth Vader," one reviewer posted on the website. "Where's princess Leia? Luke wasn't even in this scene."

"Disappointed that the marketing people thought this was a good idea to remove Leia from the scene in favor of Luke," another wrote.

Hundreds of others took to Twitter and other social media platforms accusing the chain of sexism.

So why would Target make the switch? That's what fans and feminists want to know.

Target has since pulled the shirt from shelves and swapped it with the version it was intended to be, according to Buzzfeed News. The retailer explained the shirt had been designed by an outside firm.

"The fans have spoken and we are going to remove that shirt from our assortment," a spokesman told the site.

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