Sylvester Stallone Brings ‘Rocky' Back to Steps of Philadelphia Art Museum

Sylvester Stallone has returned to the Philadelphia steps he made legendary to promote his upcoming installment of the "Rocky" franchise.

Friday morning’s news conference on top of the iconic Philadelphia Museum of Art steps echoes the scene from "Rocky III" where the “Rocky” statue in Stallone’s likeness -- the one that draws thousands of tourists -- was unveiled. This time around there was no Clubber Lang (played by Mr. T) to interrupt the festivities.

"When I started this film I think my voice was squeaky," joked Stallone while referencing the nearly 40 years that have passed since the original "Rocky" made him a superstar.

Joining Stallone at Friday’s event promoting "Creed" were co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson as well as writer/director Ryan Coogler, producer Irwin Winkler and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. Nutter honored each with a replica Liberty Bell.

Stallone’s character of Rocky put the steps on the map in 1976 when he climbed the steps during his iconic training montage in the Academy Award-winning "Rocky." The steps have played a role in "Rocky" lore and Philadelphia tourism ever since.

"Creed" — the seventh installment of the "Rocky" franchise — comes out the day before Thanksgiving.

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