Spike Lee Eyeing “Old Boy” Remake

Spike Lee showed a surprising flair for genre filmmaking with 20606's "Inside Job," so the idea of him making a gangster revenge epic is helping us forget about Johnny Depp's descent into artistic irrelevance.

Lee is considering a remake of Park Chan-wook's "Oldboy," according to Twitch, three years after a Steven Spielberg-Will Smith collaboration on the project fell through.

It's unclear if Smith is still in play, but he just turned down Tarantino's "Django Unchained," so either he was trying to keep his calendar free or he's decided to stay out of the revenge business.

"Oldboy," which was the second installment of "The Vengeance Trilogy" based on the Japanese manga of the same name, tells the story of a man imprisoned for 15 years in a hotel for reasons unknown to him. Once freed, he has only five days to find out what the hell happened to him.

The film won the Grand Prix Jury Award at Cannes, as well as a slew of others from festivals and academies around the world.

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