Spielberg Is “Rebuilding Ground Zero”

"Rebuilding Ground Zero," a new documentary which Steven Spielberg is executive producing and advising on, will chronicle the delicate and laborious process of transforming the ashes and rubble of the former World Trade Center site in lower Manhattan into a symbol of resilience.

"Given the significance of the project, the emotion that is tied to the site and the impact that the massive redevelopment will have on the city for years to come, the public needs to understand all that is going on behind the fence," said Port Authority executive director Chris Ward.

Will it make good TV? Yes, Spielberg's involvement ensures that the subject will be handled with the dignity it deserves. But how do you string together six episodes about the design for a 1,776-foot tower?

We trust Spielberg, but we'd like to hear more encouraging news before the documentary airs in 2011.

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