Find Out What Benefits Your Family Could Qualify for Under the ACA

Offerings can vary based on your situation and location

How can you benefit from The Affordable Care Act?

Use our tool below to find out.

The new law can be complex and intimidating. Generally, those who stand to gain the most fall into three categories: people who don't get insurance through their employers; people who buy coverage themselves; and people who are too poor to afford buying coverage but don't currently qualify for Medicaid.

Those who are excluded from the law include those living in the United States illegally, members of Indian tribes, and prisoners.

That's the broad-stroke explanation. But everyone's situation is different, and offerings can vary from state to state. Use our guide below to help people wade through the process of determining what you and your family are eligible for under the new law.

The Affordable Care Act's goal is to slash the ranks of the uninsured by making it easier for people to find reasonably priced coverage. The major provision -- that most Americans must have health insurance -- goes into effect Jan. 1. To make that happen, the law provides for the creation of online marketplaces, where consumers can shop for insurance that meets their needs and budget. Those exchanges began operating Oct. 1.

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