Sony Wants Subpoena For Jackson Footage Thrown Out

Maybe the footage will make it to the extended-cut DVD?

In the ongoing manslaughter trial of the late king of pop, Sony studios are asking presiding judge Michael Pastor to throw out a subpoena for footage showing Jackson's final rehearsals, only weeks before his death. 

Representatives from Sony say neither prosecutors nor defense attorneys should have the privilege of showing the some-16 hours of un-cut footage from the film "This Is It."  Pastor had already reviewed much of the footage, but was holding off judgment on the order until Monday, the Associated Press reports.

Sony based its motion on statements made by defense attorney Michael J. Flanagan, who said the viewing was "a big waste of time."

"We believe his health is somewhat compromised, but he's not displaying it," Flanagan said. Defense attorneys were hoping that video from the rehearsals would show Jackson in a weakened state. On the other hand, prosecutors were hoping the footage would show Jackson in good health in the weeks before his death.

Sony responded to Flanagan's statement "If the enterprise is a waste of time, the court has stated that it has little time to be wasted."

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