MMA Star Gets “Knockout” Support From McGregor, Douglas

As mixed-martial-arts hottie Gina Carano prepares for her feature film debut, director Steven Soderbegh has given her a big lift, casting three studs of varying ages to back her up.

Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor and Michael Douglas are poised to sign on for "Knockout," said The Hollywood Reporter. The action-thriller is about a spy (Carano) who seeks revenge after being double-crossed by a colleague from a private security firm. Dennis Quaid is in talks as well.

God bless Soderbergh for making the "Ocean's" films so he could have a fat enough bankroll to keep doing stuff like this. Making a movie about one of the biggest corporate whistle-blowers of all time into a comedy ("The Informant!"), casting real-life porn star Sasha Grey as a prostitute in "The Girlfriend Experience," and then there's "Bubble"...

And now he's casting an MMA star with bascially no acting experience to star opposite the likes of Quaid and Douglas. It's rare for a guy with this kind of talent and juice to do this kind of work.

In other Soderbergh news, just a reminder that his documentary about Spalding Grey, "And Everything is Going Fine," debuts Jan. 23 at Slamdance.

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