Snooki’s “Boyfriend”: We’re Exclusive

George Izquierdo/Facebook

Snooki’s party pal says it’s official – he’s her man.

Emilio Masella, a 22-year-old personal trainer from New Haven, Connecticut, tells People he’s been dating the “Jersey Shore” star for a little over a week and the pair are smitten with each other.

“We met on Facebook over a year ago,” Masella explains. “We started talking online again before the show even started airing and started hanging out again.”

A few days ago, Masella said they made the decision to date exclusively. The pair usually hit clubs together, he said, but they also like taking in a quiet movie too.

“We have a lot in common,” Masella tells People. “I think our features… It’s really weird but we do [look alike]. It’s cute though!”

Another plus: “She talks to me for me, a lot of girls hit on me for how I look, but she actually got to know me,” Masella says.

In January, Snooki -- whose real name is Nicole Polizzi – said she was single and in the market for love, according to People.

On Monday, the 22-year-old guidette posted pics of her new beau on her Twitter feed.

“Sry I'm taken ;)” she tweeted .

NBC Connecticut reached out to Polizzi's New York-based publicist, but a rep would neither confirm nor deny a relationship.

Masalla tells People he’s already met Snooki’s parents, and has discussed with her the possibility of appearing on next season's “Shore.”

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