“Jersey Shore” Star “Snooki” Sued for $7 Million

The diminutive "Jersey Shore" star has been hit with a counter-claim by the company she sued.

It's not unusual to see Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi get entangled in a brawl, but they aren't typically of the legal variety.

The 24-year-old "Jersey Shore" star has been hit with a $7 million counter-claim by a licensing company called SRG Ventures, in response to a claim Polizzi had filed against them last October.

Polizzi, who partnered with SRG with the understanding that they would help her launch a merchandise line including watches, shoes, lingerie and even school supplies, claims the company did not fulfill its obligation to secure branding partnerships and the appropriate capital.

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Now SRG is firing back, saying that Polizzi violated the agreement by allegedly negotiating behind the company's back with brands.

SRG's lawyer, Robert J. Hantman, released a statement saying, "Ms. Polizzi disputes SRG's version of the facts and looks forward to her day in court." 

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