Six Children Injured After Truck Crashes Into Bus Stop in Washington

A man in a pickup apparently lost control of his vehicle

A man in a pickup truck apparently lost control of his vehicle and smashed into a school bus stop in Washington on Thursday, injuring six children, NBC News reported. 

Kent Regional Fire Authority Spokesman Capt. Kyle Ohashi told NBC News the truck struck a mailbox before crashing into the bus stop, hitting four boys — critically injuring two. Ohashi said two others were injured by debris from the mailbox. 

The truck’s driver hit a tree after hitting the boys and was found unconscious at the wheel. His foot was still on the gas, the sheriff’s office said in a statement. 

The 19-year-old driver, who was driving with a suspended license, was arrested for multiple counts and is believed to have suffered a medical issue prior to the crash, according to the statement.

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