Sia, Natalie Portman, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Perform ‘Iko, Iko' With Spoons and a Deck of Cards on ‘The Tonight Show'

The Oscar winner, Grammy nominee and late-night host team up to sing the iconic song with random items.

Jimmy Fallon, Sia and Natalie Portman are making sweet music together--using a few items you can find right in your house.

Teaming up for another eccentric musical collaboration with The Roots, the "Chandelier" singer, Oscar winner and "Tonight Show" host gathered to perform the 1965 classic "Iko Iko". Our apologies in advance for getting that stuck in your head all day.

Much like his classroom instrument renditions of hit songs like Adele's "Hello" and Mariah Carey's holiday classic "All I Want for Christmas Is You," the decades-old track took on a whole new vibe against the sounds of spoons, a deck of cards, an 8 ball and other random items. The only actual musical instruments used were maracas, a guiro and a set of conga drums.

Of course, singing along to the sounds of a deck of cards wasn't enough for the hysterics of the "Tonight Show" crew. For an added element of hilarity, the entire group donned Sia's classic black and blond split wig, though the only face to remain concealed was her's. 

While we were surprised that such sweet music could be made with such mundane items, it was even more shocking to see Portman belt out a tune rather than bring us to tears in a dramatic scene. With dance and dramatics already under her belt, it seems she's a rare triple threat.

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