Sheriff Joe Arpaio Tours ‘Tent City' With Bernie Sanders' Wife

Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio, is known for his crackdowns on undocumented immigrants, but he took some time off to show Bernie Sanders' wife, Jane, the "tent city" jail.

Arpaio's been branded "America's Toughest Sheriff" and he endorsed Republican candidate Donald Trump. He accompanied Sanders on her visit to the makeshift extension to the Maricopa County jail.

Sanders intended to view conditions at the site through the fence, ahead of her husband's planned rally Tuesday in Phoenix, but Arpaio showed up and invited her entourage inside. She later tweeted that he "had no answers" to her questions about conditions at the facility.

"He admitted that the temperature in the tents were up to 130 degrees in the summer,"  she wrote. 

"What I saw and heard firsthand today by visiting with the families and seeing tent city was very disturbing," she added in a news release. "Sheriff Arpaio did not even attempt to explain or excuse his inhumane treatment of people of color — not that he could."

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