Infamous Arkansas Toe-Sucker from 1990s Re-Arrested

Same creep who terrorized women in 1990s

Getty Images/Nordic Photos

The infamous Arkansas "Toe Suck Fairy," who went to prison for a series of assaults in the 1990s, is behind bars again after a new sweries of bizarre incidents.

Police believe Michael Robert Wyatt is the man who approached at least two women in stores and asked to suck their toes, and he may be the attacker who tore the shoe off an 83-year-old woman sitting on her porch and sucked on her toes, according to Reuters.

"The man then asked if he could kiss her and she had told him no and told him he was crazy," the report stated.

Days later, a woman told police she was at a mall when she noticed a man staring at her. He approached her and "told her he loved her toes, and they were so long and beautiful," the report said.

In the 1990s, Wyatt earned the moniker "Toe Suck Fairy," along with court-ordered therapy, after he pretended to be a podiatrist in order to fondle and suck a Conway woman's toes at a clothing store. But he went to jail for  a year In 1991, after telling a convenience store clerk that he wanted to cut off her feet and suck her toes while she bled to death.

Wyatt was arrested again in 1999 in northwest Arkansas, after a woman said he confronted her in a Wal-Mart and asked if she wanted her toes amputated and showed her pictures of women with no feet.

Wyatt was picked up at his home in Vilonia, about 15 miles from Conway, where three incidents have been reported in the past few weeks.

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