See All the 2021 Holiday Postage Stamps From USPS

The Postal Service also announced the new Santa stamps in perhaps the most fitting place possible


Your mail might be moving a bit slower this holiday season, but two new sets of stamps launched this fall can keep it looking more festive than ever.

The United States Postal Service released two new books, “A Visit From St. Nick” and “Otters in Snow,” both issued in October as Forever stamps.

One 20-stamp booklet features the Christmas Eve journey of Santa Claus, told in a set of four different images. The “story” depicted goes from Santa with his big bag of toys on a roof, to his feet poking into a fireplace, to him flying away with his reindeer in the night sky.

The USPS also announced the new Santa stamps in perhaps the most fitting place possible: the post office in Santa Claus, Indiana — which is conveniently located at 45 N. Kringle Place.

“St. Nick — Santa Claus — is one of our most recognized and beloved cultural icons, his jolly laugh and smiling eyes a reminder that the holidays are near,” the USPS says of the book on its site.

The other, “Otters is Snow,” lives up to its simple title, showing a cute brown animal in a quartet of wintry scenes.

The Postal Service also has a diverse collection of holiday stamps available from previous years, including Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Diwali and Eid.

Santa's Story, Cute Otters Highlight New 2021 Holiday Stamps. Take a Look

The price of postage in the U.S. is currently 58 cents a stamp, or a book of 20 can be bought for $11.60. The "Poinsetta" is a global Forever stamp, which is currently priced at $1.30 or $13 for a book of 10.

Customers may purchase stamps and other philatelic products through the Postal Store at, by calling 844-737-7826, by mail through USA Philatelic, or at Post Office locations nationwide.

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