Offers Town $11.65M for Name Change

City has no plans to entertain the offer is hell bent on creating the first dating site-sponsored city in America and it doesn’t shy away from admitting it's looking for a creative way to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

The site is prepared to pay for its fun, too.

It offered the town of Woodside in California's Bay Area $11.65 million for a 10-year commitment to change its name to, U.S.A.

It chose Woodside because, as one of the wealthiest communities in the U.S., it’s home to some of the richest potential sugardaddies, as well as celebrities.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, co-founder of Intel Gordon Moore, actress Michelle Pfeiffer and singer Neil Young are some notable residents.

But to the likes of these people, $12 million hardly raises an eyebrow. Not to mention this ritzy town isn’t looking for this kind of attention.

Earlier this month Sugar Land, Texas, turned down an offer of nearly $5 million.

Credited with being the first site to pair women with sugar daddies, the list of requirements that come with the purchase is amusing.

In addition to the ten-year commitment, here are some of the requests in’s proposal:

-- All official government correspondence, selected institutions and street signs changed to reflect the new name. This includes renaming the Town Hall, town council, public library, annual art fair and all city websites.

-- Local government officials must present Steven Pasternack, CEO of, with a key to the town in a formal ceremony.

-- And last but certainly not least, a statue near Town Hall must be built of Hugh Hefner or another public figure who best represents the sugar-daddy lifestyle.

As rejection has happened before, isn’t putting all its eggs in one basket this time.

"If we can't get a favorable outcome with the folks in Woodside, California, we're looking into other cities like Sugar City, Colorado and others,” Pasternack said.

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