Schumer Takes on Fallon in a Game of “Truth or Truth” on “Tonight”

Amy Schumer played a game of Fallon's "Truth or Truth," then introduced her own game of "invisible" double dutch.


Comedian Amy Schumer sat down for an interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” but conversation quickly went from funny to serious as the two played a game of “Truth or Truth.”

Fallon challenged Schumer in the returning segment, his own version of the game “Truth or Dare,” simply by saying, “I want to know who’s more honest, it’s time for Truth or Truth.”

Schumer starts off by asking him, “Truth or truth?”

“Truth,” Fallon responded.

“What’s your motto in life?”

“You gotta risk it to get the biscuit,” he said.

“Now it’s on you,” Fallon said. “You have to choose; truth or truth.”

Schumer consulted with Fallon’s other famous guest of the night sitting next to her, James McAvoy, and came back with an incoherent response. After clearing her voice she said, “Truth.”

“If you could make out with one person in history who would it be?” Fallon asked.

And after a moment to think, she responds, “Christian Bale in ‘Newsies.’”

“’Newsies?’” said a surprised Fallon.

“What?” said Schumer. “That was the best Christian Bale.”

Fallon’s turn was up next and Schumer posed the question, “If you had 24 hours left to live, what would you do?”

“Finish the last season of 'Jag,'" he said confidently referring to the 1990s TV series as laughter erupted from the audience.

Fallon fired back with the contemplative question, “Teeth. What do you think of them?”

“I’ve been told to use less,” said Schumer.

A flustered Fallon had to remind the Comedy Central star that his show was now on an earlier time slot.

However she carried on with her next question. “Truth or truth,” she said. “What was the first thing you said as a baby?”

Fallon immediately responded, “Ya’ll don’t know me.”

In the final round, Fallon asked Schumer, “What do you want your tombstone to say?”

“This was a homicide,” she said bluntly, ending the challenge.

The games continued with what appeared to be an unscripted game of “invisible” double-dutch on the “Tonight” stage.

Schumer's best friends were in the audience and when mentioning them she admitted that their drunken activities include either making a human pyramid or playing a game of "invisible" double dutch.

Schumer got the game going as Fallon, McAvoy and two members of The Roots joined her on "The Tonight Show" stage.

Check it out below.

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