Scarrrry! Elvira Gets A New Show

I’ve long wondered whatever happened to Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. More specifically, I’ve long wondered whatever happened to one particular part of Elvira’s anatomy that helped guide me through my adolescence. The last time I saw her was on one of those VH1 decade retrospective shows where they talk about Wacky Wall crawlers and how gosh darn wacky they were. Well, it appears the erstwhile Cassandra Peterson is poised for a television comeback. Her D-horror movie showcase “Elvira’s Movie Macabre” is coming back to a tiny cable channel and may be syndicated in your hometown. Hot goth cleavage shall roam free once more! From

Elvira's Movie Macabre is coming back to TV. More specifically, a cable channel you've likely never heard of- THIS! Television- although it will be syndicated nationally. The show is set to return the weekend of September 25th.

I spent part of my childhood in Chicago, and every Saturday afternoon there meant crummy horror movies hosted by Son of Svengoolie. We’re long past the era of cheesy weekend movies on local TV, so I’m glad someone is trying to revive the practice, and is bringing Elvira and her considerable assets along as part of the package. I don’t know if anyone can watch a bad horror movie anymore without the crew of “Mystery Science Theater 3000” there to goof on it, but maybe Elvira and her crew will find a way to update the showcase for a more modern sensibility. It’s not like Tom Servo is busy these days.

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