Sad Day: Mac Vs. PC Commercials Killed Off

The Mac vs. PC television debate has finally ended. Call it a draw. The commercials appear to have simply ended their fruitful run, according to Justin Long (aka Mac).

Let's face it, those Mac commercials with John Hodgman and Long were often better than the network television we were supposed to be watching. Tiny islands of pure, smart funny in a sea of mediocrity.

But Long told the A.V. Club that his phone has not been exactly ringing off the hook for a re-shoot.

"You know, I think they might be done," he said.

"I think they're going to move on," he said of his Mac sponsor. While he was not definite, he too was in a stage of mourning. "Not only am I going to miss them, but also working with John."

We're going to miss them, a rare thing for a commercial. But this was more than a string of commercials, it was that rare Madison Avenue phenom -- like the Lite beers ads of old. Only this one had more heart. Every time Hodgman came back with a new gimmick it was like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football away from Lucy.

The Mac ads were TIVO proof. If you saw the two familiar faces in fast-forward you instantly had to quickly rewind for a complete viewing -- whether it was a new one or not.

Someone's got to start a petition. At least we needed a final bow. Or at least a compilation DVD.

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