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Reddit Users Unhappy With Interim CEO Ellen Pao

Reddit users are unhappy with the interim CEO of the bookmarking site, Ellen Pao, who recently lost a closely-watched discrimination suit against her former employees. Pao was made interim CEO of Reddit, a site in which anonymous users post links and commentary that the userbase can vote on, in November 2014, replacing Yishan Wong. Pao has worked to make the site and company more welcoming which has angered some Reddit users. "Thank christ(sic). Now can Reddit get rid of her," said one highly-upvoted comment on a thread about Pao losing her discrimination suit. Reddit itself has garnered some reputation for being a hub of illicit content. In August 2014 nude photos of multiple celebrities were posted on the site after they were hacked from Apple's iCloud service. The subreddit that hosted the photos was removed soon after by Wong.

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