Razor Blades Found at Mariner's Point-Area Park, Again

This has happened at least four times in the same area within the last year

In a sadly familiar scene, San Diego police found several razor blades in the grass at a park in the Mariner's Point area near Mission Bay Saturday, possibly planted there on purpose.

Police were called to investigate a playground at Mariner's Point around noon. Officials said two razor blades were discovered in the grass, facing up, about 10 feet away from a park bench.

San Diego Police Department Lt. Eric Hays said a man was walking near the playground when he spotted some shiny objects in the grass. When he looked closer, he found two rusty razor blades sticking up out of the grass and called police.

Officers, along with Parks and Recreation staffers and lifeguards, roped off the playground area and began scouring the grass and sand with metal detectors.

Lt. Hays said their search yielded one more razor blade, for a total of three. No one was injured by the blades.

Officials said the playground area at Mariner’s Point would remain closed for a while.

[G] Razor Blades Found at Park

This is not the first time this has happened at parks in the Mariner's Point area, including Bonita Cove Park.

On April 30, two children were cut by razor blades while playing in the grass. In that case, nearly 20 razor blades were found scattered in the area. Detectives suspected they were left there intentionally to hurt people on a hot day when many families were headed to Mission Bay to cool off.

In September 2013, at least 20 razor blades were discovered on the grass near a playground across the street from Bonita Cove Park near West Mission Bay Drive and Mission Boulevard. Lifeguards and police searched the playground for more using metal detectors. Some of those razor blades were positioned so they were facing straight up.

Also, at the end of August 2013, a woman was injured by razor blades left behind in an east playground at Bonita Cove Park.

Saturday’s incident comes amid very hot temperatures that have locals flocking to beaches and bays for respite. There were several families with children playing at the parks in the area.

Police said there is no suspect in this case, but if someone is caught that person could face felony charges.

Missing Attachment Police are investigating a recurring incident involving dozens of razor blades intentionally planted at or near Bonita Cove Park. Now, parents must be extra careful about where their kids play. NBC 7’s Danya Bacchus reports.

Officials are still trying to determine if the razor blades were freshly planted, or if they were leftover from a previous similar incident.

La Mesa resident Michele Nugent was at the park with her family, including her young grandson. She said the notion that someone might have put the razor blades out on purpose is very disturbing.

She said her grandson had been playing barefoot in the sand and grass all morning, enjoying the play area that's much cooler than their East County neighborhood.

“How often do children come and enjoy the sand without shoes? It’s kind of sad. It’s a sad statement on someone’s condition that they would want to do that," Nugent told NBC 7.

"For what gain? There’s no joy in harming others,” she added, saying she will reconsider visiting that park with her family in the future.

Nugent later discovered a paper sleeve in the sand that could've been used as a container for the razor blades. She reported it to police, who dusted it for possible fingerprints.

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