Rapper Souja Boy Reportedly Arrested for Marijuana Possession

Rapper Soulja Boy has gone from drawing the ire of the U.S. Military to drawing the unwanted attention of the Georgia Police Department.

The controversial rapper, who made headlines when his song "Let's Be Real" was called out for its anti-military lyrics (including the not-so-subtle "F***k the troops"), has reportedly been arrested for possession of marijuana.

Soulja Boy, booked under his real name DeAndre Cortez Way, was in a vehicle with four other men when they were pulled over for a minor traffic violation. Police then discovered marijuana and, TMZ reports, guns in the car.

Soulja Boy is currently being held in Carrol County Jail. Ironically, today is the day "Soulja Boy: The Movie" is being released on DVD. A few hours before the arrest, the rapper wrote on Twitter: "Today is gonna be busy and huge very historical lots of interviews to be done."

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