“Pusher” Trailer Looks Eerily Like a British Remake of a Refn Crime Film

Before he was the darling weirdo of American art-house cinema, Danish director Nicholas Winding Refn made his name with his "Pusher" trilogy. Now he's served as executive producer to a remake of the first installment, directed by Spaniard Luis Prieto.

This new version stars Richard Coyle as a mid-level drug dealer in London who screws up a sale, leaving himself deeply in debt to a half-mad Serbian crime lord, played by Zlatko Buric, who originated the role for Refn's 1996 take on the tale. The film also features former runway model Agyness Deyn as a stripper/prostitute. Natch.

Watching the trailer, Prieto's vision looks like a perfect blend of your standard British crime thriller with Refn's brutality, Euro-trash soundtrack and neon candy colors. We'll see...

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