Paul Giamatti Beats Johnny Depp Twice for 1 Award

Johnny Depp likely split the vote (as we predicted), leaving open the possibility for Paul Giamatti to sneak in and win Best Actor in a Comedy.

Gaimatti dealt with the nervousness of going up against Depp, nominated for both "The Tourist" and "Alice and Wonderland," Jake Gyllenhaal in “Love and Other Drugs,” and Kevin Spaceyin “Casino Jack,” by eating his feelings.

"I’m a little jacked up because I ate five boxes of the Godiva chocolates. I’ve never seen so many Godiva chocolates—and Hale Berry. I always think a mistake has been made, because the other men in this category are my superiors in every regard, as men and actors, so I acknowledge them."

"This was an extraordinary movie to be a part of and people busted their asses to get it made… I had amazing actors to work with, Scott Speedman, I had three wives in this movie, yeah, three wives.” Rachelle Lefevre, Minnie Driver and Rosmaund Pike, just a trifecta of hotties. And I got to smoke and rink and I got paid for it. Amazing, amazing thing.”

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