Oscar the Death Kitty Heading for the Big Screen

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You may recall a few years ago a story about a kitten being raised in a Rhode Island nursing home that had a knack for cuddling up to patients in the hours before their deaths. Cute story, right? But would you want to want the kitty go on death watch for 90 minutes?

"Making the Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat," Dr. David Dosa's bestseller that chronicles the cat's death march, is being adapted by Stephen Lindsey ("Hachi: A Dog's Tale") and Luis Ugaz, reported Variety.

From the Publisher's Weekly synopsis of "Making the Rounds With Oscar":

Dosa starts to pay more attention to the cat's decidedly odd behavior, noticing that Oscar seeks out the dying, snuggles with the patient and family members until the patient passes; with others, he smells the patient's feet, sits outside a closed door until admitted, or refuses to leave a dying patient's bed. Dosa discovers how powerfully Oscar's mere presence reassures frightened or grieving family. Ultimately, the good doctor realizes that it doesn't matter where Oscar's gift comes from; it's the comfort he brings that's important.

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