Old Spice Guy And Jennifer Aniston: Together At Last

Isaiah Mustafa, who from now on will always be referred to as “the Old Spice guy,” might well be the hottest actor in Hollywood right now. On the heels of signing a deal with NBC to make appearances on “Chuck” and develop other TV projects, he’s also attached to star in Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf” (Tyler Perry School of Wisdom: The longer the title, the better the drama!). And now he’s now teaming up with Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey for “Horrible Bosses,” a big screen comedy. The actor himself dishes to The Hollywood Reporter:

It's a smaller role, but who wouldn't want to be in one of these funny, irreverent comedies? The cast is great. I'm playing a cop because I play these authoritative characters well. I don't know exactly who I'm in the scene with -- maybe Jennifer Aniston!

I went to see “Inception” the night of its premiere, and by far the loudest the crowd got in the theater was when Mustafa showed up in an Old Spice ad before the movie began. No joke. People cheered for a freakin’ AD. That’s how successful the Old Spice campaign has been, and Mustafa’s rise shows no immediate signs of slowing down.

I think we all know what’s coming next. Aniston and Mustafa will fall in love on the set of this film. The couple will become a tabloid sensation dubbed Mustaniston (or Anistafa). Then the two will get engaged. Then Mustafa will ditch Aniston at the last moment for Megan Fox. Then they’ll have 90 kids together and Aniston will be forced to slum it with the Maroon 5 guy.

Mustafa will do all of this while on a horse. He’s a man like that.

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