Oh, No — There Goes Tokyo! Godzilla Reboot Afoot

More than a decade after the great green cautionary tale stomped its way across movie screens, "Godzilla" is poised to join the two hottest movie trends running: a 3D reboot.

"Anybody got ideas on how to make this reptile relevant?" asked Deadline Hollywood, which broke the news.

Well, sure, making "Godzilla" relevant is easy. The giant lizard's original visit was warning about the horrors of nuclear war, so how hard would it be to make a new one a warning about global warming? Or maybe flip the script, and make it about the need for nuclear energy?

This project only seems pointless because the last one left such a terrible taste in everyone's mouth. To fully understand how dreadful the last incarnation was, consider that the end was expressly written with a sequel in mind and it took in nearly three times its $130 million budget, and still they haven't made another one.

And with all the advancements in technology, there's no excuse for Godzilla to look anything short of awesome.

Just be sure to cast Sam Worthington and Chloe Moretz.

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